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DUI results in two Wisconsin collisions and a plea bargain

People who are arrested with suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol may be found to have blood alcohol concentration levels exceeding the legal limit. In Wisconsin, those found driving with a BAC of 0.08 percent or higher are considered intoxicated and are arrested for DUI. Although the consequences of a DUI can be devastating, another category of DUI offenders, known as the super intoxicated, face more severe penalties in the court of law.

One such Illinois man was driving through Wisconsin with a BAC of approximately 0.23 percent, almost four times over the legal limit, when he collided with two vehicles. The man was highly impaired due to the extensive amount of alcohol in his system and was driving southbound in the northbound lane of the highway.

Officers intercept suspicious drug package en route to Brookfield home

Many young adults in Waukesha County are at a critical time in their lives. Excited and overwhelmed with sudden independence, many are forced to make essential decisions about their future. Some young adults are not mentally ready to make these life-changing decisions, and may be led down the wrong path by peer pressure or the need to survive.

One such 21-year-old man faces approximately $100,000 in fines and a 40-year prison sentence if convicted of multiple charges, including possession of drug paraphernalia, conspiracy to commit/deliver designer drugs, maintaining a drug trafficking place and the manufacture of THC.

Juvenile life-sentence cases are being reexamined

Many studies have shown that the adolescent brain is not yet fully developed and, in many cases, is unable to make rational decisions. This is especially true when teenagers are put into certain, high-stress situations. While some people believe that Wisconsin teenagers who commit juvenile crimes are a menace to society and should be locked away in prison, others believe that teens should be given a chance at rehabilitation.

In 1997, a young, 15-year-old Florida resident was sentenced to life in prison after being convicted of a murder charge. Her case is one that is being reevaluated under a new bill that was recently passed by the Florida House.

Supreme Court rules on definition of domestic violence

Domestic violence is a term used to describe abuse or battery of another family member. The exact legal definition of the term has been questioned in numerous court battles across the U.S., leading judges to examine the meaning of the word. Different interpretations of the term ‘domestic violence’ have led to various outcomes in court.

One such case was taken to the Supreme Court due to a discrepancy in the meaning of domestic violence between state and federal governments. The case resulted in Supreme Court Justices broadening the definition of domestic violence to include minor acts of violence, including slapping, biting, shoving and hair pulling. According to the justices, any use of physical force may constitute domestic violence.

One man dead after teenage DUI accident

Teenagers in Wisconsin and across the country are often known for making impulsive decisions. Some of these rash decisions can have major, life-changing results. Due in part to the physiological development of an adolescent brain, teens may be completely unaware that their actions can have severe consequences. In some cases, this information is only realized after a tragic incident occurs.

A young boy found out the implications of his actions while recovering from injuries that he sustained in a serious DUI car accident. Although the 19-year-old boy was the actual cause of the accident, he faces charges of gross vehicular intoxicated manslaughter after he is discharged from the hospital.

Teen caught distributing ADD medication during school hours

Many teenagers in Wisconsin and across the country are often placed in adult situations, forcing them to make important decisions. Most of these impressionable young adults are unaware of the impact that these decisions may have on their future. Poor decision-making skills can lead to a variety of problems, including criminal activity. Teenagers who are looking to take or distribute drugs may find prescription drugs readily available in their parent’s medicine cabinet.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a medical condition that affects teens and adults alike. Often times, the condition is treated with a prescription narcotic stimulant, which helps the affected individual concentrate and stay on task. If the medication is taken when it’s not needed, however, it can cause severe blood pressure issues and even death.

Teacher charged for sexual activity with 18-year-old student

Life is a roller coaster of high-points and low-points. While some people are able to manage these fluctuations rather seamlessly, others have a more difficult time and tend to act out in criminal ways. Hard times can result in poor decision making abilities for many Wisconsin residents. Along with being persuaded to make choices that they may not have made otherwise, people might put themselves in awkward situations. This can lead to a variety of complications, including sex crimes.

A poor choice made by a Pennsylvania teacher leaves her facing up to 7-years in prison if convicted of a sex crime. An 18-year-old student of the high school English teacher admitted to having a relationship with the woman. He had several sexual encounters with the now, former-teacher. Not only did police find her number recorded in his phone, but he had taken naked pictures of the two of them together as well.

Wisconsin teen faces felony drug charges after outing with friends

Teenagers in Wisconsin and across the nation are at a vulnerable time in their lives. Not only are they learning essential societal rules and norms, but they are constantly trying to earn the respect of their peers. All of this pressure can be particularly hard for teens, as the area of the brain responsible for making rational and responsible decisions is still in the process of forming. When paired with their environment, all of these things can contribute to some teens becoming involved in juvenile crimes.

One such teenager is now facing felony drug charges because of an incident involving marijuana and a stabbing. It all started when eight boys were said to be smoking pot outside of town on Thursday. After four sophomore boys were released from Port Washington High School for an early day, they picked up four other males and went to purchase the marijuana.

Officers find nurses distributing drugs at Milwaukee VA Hospital

While so many Americans are being charged with illegal drug distribution, prescription drug distribution is on the rise in Wisconsin and around the nation. This may be due to the growing number of people who are addicted to prescription drugs. Prominent employees in the medical field have access to these prescription drugs, and may be more likely to use this power to sell, distribute or take the medication themselves.

Such is the case of four medical professionals working at Milwaukee’s VA hospital. Although they have yet to be arrested on charges of distribution of drugs and narcotic drug possession, a licensed practical nurse and three certified nursing assistants are court-ordered to appear later this month.

Wisconsin woman knocked unconscious: Man faces violence charges

Those charged with domestic violence in Wisconsin may be looking at some harsh consequences. A domestic violence conviction may come with a restraining order, fees and potential jail-time. There are long-term effects from having a domestic charge on a criminal record. Not only is it hard to find employment in certain industries, but domestic violence offenders may be prohibited from carrying concealed weapons or obtaining professional licenses.

A Wisconsin Rapids man is under investigation on a domestic violence case involving a woman. Following a violent evening, the woman claims that she was punched repeatedly after being thrown down the stairs by the man.

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